30 Food Processes Of Using Vitamix 5200

After using the Vitamix 5200 Costco blender for over  ten years now, I was able to use it for several food processings. I will also like to share my experience with you ! The following are the 30 amazing things a Vitamix  brand can do for you and your household as well:

1. You can use it to cook  up  your  fruit spread and sauces.
2. You can use it to crumb your bread very quickly and easily.
3. You can also use your Vitamix 5200 blender to crack whole grains for your cereals.
4. If you want to grind herbs, fresh from your garden, Vitamix 5200 will surely do it for you.
5. It can dry chop onions and eggs very quickly and perfectly too.
6. Preparing fresh pasta sauces is also one of those things a Vitamix 5200 Costco blender can do for you.
7. It can grind lean meats and therefore saves  you money.
8. It can also homogenize restaurant-quality frozen drinks.
9. Creating lump-free sauces and gravies is made easy  by a Vitamix 5200 blender.
10. It can also be used for milling gluten-free grains and beans.
11. You can use it to powder  sugar for topping  fruit.
12. You can use  it to make non-diary nut milks.
13. You can also use it to hash potatoes for your breakfast.
14. You can use it to crush a half-gallon of ice in just 3 seconds.
15. It can be used to churn herb butters from fresh cream.
16. You can use it to shred  cooked meats for salads.
17. You can also use your Vitamix blender to chop cheese coarse or  fine.
18. It can be used to whip cream or milk perfectly.
19. You can use it for mixing batters for your breakfast.
20. You can use it for pureeing  fresh, natural baby foods in a jiffy. 
21. You can also use it to melt cheese or chocolate fondues.
22. Kneading dough for your homemade bread can be quickly done by the Vitamix 5200 Costco blender.
23. You can use it to blend fruits for healthy smoothies.
24. You can as well use it to make fresh  nut  butters.
25. You can even use it to dice fresh salsa in few seconds.
26. You can also use it to juice whole fruits and vegetables.
27. It can be used to create low-fat  frozen treats.
28. You can use it to cook  hot soup from  the scratch.
29. You can use it to grind healthy grains  whole.
30. You can also use it to emulsify low-calorie salad dressings.

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Vitamix 5200 Costco : Things You Don't Know About Vitamix  Blender!   


Vitamix 5200 Costco  blender became a sought-after cooking tool after its previous version – the 5000- and since ittion has been leading the front stage among all other brands.  There are certain things ,I mean certain cooking functions, the Vita Mix Blender can perform which many people like you don’t know about. Well it is a common thing because that was my situation too before my research which leads to why I purchased one for my household.  There are several cooking functions  by the Vitamix Mixer  which I am going to mention one after the other for you.  Are you ready for the gist?  Now let’s set the ball rolling:

Blending of Green Smoothies

Do you know that the Vitamix 5200 is capable of turning leafy greens into a smoothie? Vitamix processing brings out the excellent flavor and also delivers a drink which is surprisingly smooth and even creamy. Do you also know that Green smoothies are  naturally unique and also give unique benefits to your health? Green smoothies are made with leafy greens which consist of antioxidants and vitamins. Green smoothies, generally, are marvelous way to actually enjoy a nutritiously delicious drink which erases hunger and gives total nutrition to your body. Despite of the fact that you are doubting how the leafy greens can be turned into a smoothie of deliciously sweet drink. No other blender has this capability except the Vitamix 5200.

Vita Mix 5200  has the exceptionally unique ability to penetrate straight and deep into the cell walls of green smoothie ingredients and can immediately change those  greens to a smoothie, very, “smooth!” I have talked about what the Vitamix 5200 can do with leafy greens. Now let’s talk about the nutritional benefits you can get from leafy greens : Nutritionally leafy greens are packed. They are a great source of non- diary magnesium, calcium and Vitamix C. And they consist of carotenoids which can assist you to protect against macular degeneration and folate to guard you against heart disease and cancer.

Though greens are very good, just chewing them cannot release all the great nutrition into your body. The Vitamix penetrates  whole foods to their cellular level when they are fresh and the nutrients become immediately available to nourish your body. Let also talk about the speed at which Vitamix Blender carries out the process. At a very high speed, Vitamix stainless steel blades including its precision – designed jar produce green smoothies quickly thereby reducing oxidation to minimum level. There is nothing you can compare the green smoothies that you prepare with the Vitamix 5200!

Ability To Dry- Chop  Raw Foods

Do you also know that the Vitamix 5200 can dry-chop any kind of raw foods?  You can effect dry-chooping of foods using your Vitamix 5200. Raw foods like carrot, olives and onions can under go the process of dry-chooping . One thing is clear here, the texture you derive will depend on the speed you choose. And all these  hard tasks are performed  effectively and perfectly with the Vitamix speed variations. Take note that the more the speed, the finer the chop.  One cup gives the best results. This is very easy to achieve with the Vitamix mixer.

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Great Recipe You Can Make With Your Vita-Mix

With your Vitamix 5200  Costco blender at your disposal you  can produce the following amazing foods: Ice Cream, Smoothies, Hot or Cold Soup, Tomato Sauce,  Sorbet,  Alcoholic Beverages,  Pudding, Dough, Pesto, Fruit Preserve, Fruit and Veggie Juices, Salsa, Mayonnaise, Guacamole, Spreads, Ground Flour, Dips and Pates, Natural Facial Products, Hummus, Coleslaw,  Nut Butter, Fondue, Frozen Coffee Drinks, Tahini,  Syrups,  Pureed Baby Food,  Homemade Popsicle Filler, Scrambled  Eggs, Nut and Seed Milks, Gravy, Salad Dressing, Batter,

Have A Look At These Marvelous Different Ways You Can Use Your Vitamix Blender

Vita Mix 5200 Costco - Features And Benefits        

Vitamix 5200 Costco blender is known for its high-performance. Its commercial-quality blending capability can not be written off. Thanks to the Vitamix Corporation. Year 2007 was a memorable year. It was the year Vita-Mix 5200 was officially introduced to the people of United States. It was introduced as a newly-improved higher version of the popular 5000 version produced by the Company.

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Vitamix 5200 Costco Blender has many features that make it the darling of both online and offline researchers after testing and proving its worth and usefulness in the home front. There are several benefits you tend to get if you buy one today for your household. For many years, it has been researched and proven that the Vitamix brand was the very best among all other known food processors. What are the features and benefits of Vita-Mix 5200 Costco blender?  The following are the features of Vita Mix 5200:

Features of Vitamix 5200

1. It has a powerful variable speed motor.
2. It has a large container.
3. Vitamix 5200 has different colors for selection.
4. The machine has a strong and powerful blade for cutting food substances
5. It is elegant, efficient, effective and excellent.
6. It has a DVD and a cookbook for teaching and guiding.
7. It posses the ability to cleanse itself automatically.
8. It is durable.
9. It has a long term warranty.

Benefits You Get For Buying Vitamx 5200
1. You can use it for grinding, mixing, blending, and cutting of food substances or ingredients.
2. You can use it to prepare sauces, smoothies and soup in just few minutes.
3. If you like you can alter or change its speed.
4. You don’t have to worry yourself in cleaning the machine; it cleanses itself automatically.
5. You don’t need to change the blade for many years to come; it’s blade is very strong and powerful.
6. Your Vitamix 5200 Costco blender will make use of the entire fruits and vegetables during food processing.
7. You will have a full control of its speed by using its variable speed control.
8. You will be able to read its metric easily and understandably.
9. You will use the machine for many years to come due to its durability.
10. You will be given a warranty of 7 years for buying the product.
11. You will be able to serve your entire family just once because of the large container that is attributed to Vitamix blender.
12. Last but not the least, you will have the opportunity to select your choice color.

With Vita-Mix 5200 Costco blender, you have all these benefits to yourself and your household. You need to give it a trial today and check out all the features and benefits of the food processor.
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